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Aaron Rodgers Spotted Together with Ex-Fiancée Shailene Woodley At a Winery

Aaron Rodgers and his ex-fiancée, Shailene Woodley, were spotted together at a winery in California on Saturday, fueling rumors that they have reconciled. In February, Rogers and Woodley announced they were splitting up.

“They seemed really happy,” a source said, regarding their trip to the Demetria Estate Winery in Los Olivos. “[Shailene] was sitting on [Aaron’s] lap while they hung out at the table with friends.”

Rodgers, who recently signed a 3-year contract with the Green Bay Packers, reflected on his time with Woodley on The Pat McAfee Show, last month. Rodgers described Woodley as teaching him "what unconditional love looks like."

"She's just an incredible woman, talented, smart kind," said Rodgers. "I said last night, she taught me what unconditional love looks like and that's a great gift. When you have a partner like that it just makes life so much more enjoyable."

He added: "I think that living a life of gratitude is such an important way to keep that joy in your life and when you meet your person, life just changes … You're never the same because you know you can't be."

Rodgers and Woodley began dating in 2020 and announced their engagement in 2021 Before splitting up.

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