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Charlamagne Tha God Shares His Thoughts on Julia Fox, Then Shows Support towards Pete Davidson

Charlamagne tha God discussed a variety of topics in the latest episode of his podcast Brilliant Idiots, including Julia Fox's relationship with Kanye West and Charlamagne's friendship with Pete Davidson.

Charlamagne wasn't afraid to share his true thoughts about Uncut Gems star in the interview.

“I definitely don’t care about that young lady,” Charlamagne said at the 19:50 minute-mark. “I don’t even know why she continues to talk, and I didn’t even understand a statement I heard her say, one of the statements was, they asked her, ‘Was the relationship real or a publicity stunt?’ and she said, ‘Some aspects of it were real.’ What does that even mean?!”

Charlamagne added, “I just feel like if people are asking you if it was real or a publicity stunt, it was either real or a publicity stunt. So what does that mean?”

“Because a publicity stunt doesn’t mean that you’re having sex,” he continued. “I hate this shit. I even hate talking about this shit because it feels like, you know, every time I talk about it, they use it on the internet and it seems like I talk about this shit all the time, but I really don’t like none of this shit.”

As the conversation pivots to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, Charlamagne defends him, reminding listeners that they have been friends for many years.

“Pete is really our friend,” Charlamagne said at the 21:00 minute-mark. “We’ve known Pete since he was like 16. I’m saying this for people that don’t know: Pete Davidson started with us at Guy Code, you know, when we was doing Guy Code, I’ve known Pete like 11 years now! He’s just a cool, quiet kid. He minds his business, he’s one of the first people that I can remember openly talking about going to therapy, you know what I’m saying?”

Charlamagne added, “Pete lost his pops in 9/11, and for him to be so young… He would openly talk about it, you know, that he was going to therapy… [It] got me really curious about therapy, and him talking about his anxiety and stuff, just to watch him grow, to become who he is, that’s our friend!”


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