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Chris Rock Arrives in Boston to Kick Off Sold Out "Ego Death Tour" Shows

As Chris Rock gets ready to kick off his "Ego Death Tour", he has already landed in Boston, so you can bet there won't be an empty seat in the house.

While leaving the airport, Chris was asked if he could ask a few questions, but the comic refused.

Chris is one of the biggest comedians in the world, but after the slap, everything has gone to the next level. The five shows he is performing in Beantown are sold out, and tickets are going for a king's ransom.

Tony Rock, Chris' brother, says that he does not approve of Will's apology to Chris. He doesn't believe it to be true.

Apparently Chris doesn't approve either, because he hasn't said a word since Will posted his regrets. As for why ... to begin with, you'd think when someone assaults someone else, the aggressor would pick up the phone and apologize instead of telling the world about it.

Diddy had told TMZ that Chris and Will talked and put the issue to rest, but multiple sources with direct knowledge tell us that's just not true. Chris and Will have not spoken.

What everyone wants to know is how will Chris Rock address the attack Wednesday night at his show.

As for Diddy, he wants to clear the air, saying, "I never confirmed they had reconciled. I said 'as brothers they will work it out and let's move on with love.'"

According to a source close to Diddy, he knows people are hurting, and he doesn't want to become the middle man or interfere with the conflict moving forward.


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