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Cops Discover $250k Worth of Kanye West Yeezy's in the Back of a U-Haul

Over 1,000 stolen pairs of Yeezy's were found in the back of a U-Haul van after authorities arrested a man in Portland.

The Oregon Police Bureau reported that Rupert Cross, 26, was arrested on felony charges of aggravated theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. U-Haul was packed to the brim with Kanye West sneakers, and authorities believe they were stolen earlier on Saturday night.

“Last night, a Uhaul containing 1,100 pairs of new Adidas “Yeezy” shoes was stolen,” the Portland Police tweeted. “Dayshift officers located the uhaul, arrested 26 YO Rupert Crosse, and recovered the shoes which are estimated to be worth over $250,000. Great work North Dayshift!”

Shoes from the Yeezy collection were introduced in 2015 and have retailed for relatively high prices, with Sneaker News reporting that depending on the model, a pair can range between $200 and $585, which means they can be sold for even higher prices on the resale market, sometimes even going for $1,500.

In an interview with Complex in 2015, Kanye discussed how high the stakes were, jump-starting his fashion career as a rapper and launching the Yeezys.

“It was almost like the Super Bowl of culture in a way,” he continued. “It was like a David Blaine move in some ways. Are the sharks gonna eat me alive? It was, ‘Will he be eaten by the shark tank, or will he survive? Can he hold his breath for this long?’ The three on the back of the Tyvek jacket invites was about the three years that I had been off the runway. And I had to hold my breath for that long.”


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