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Dizzie Rascal Smashes Photographer's Camera After Being Found Guilty of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Dizzee Rascal - real name Dylan Kwabena Mills - was reportedly found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. As captured on video, the U.K. rapper also broke a photographer's camera as he left court. An eyewitness in court had just testified that he’d “never seen Dylan display aggressive behavior,” however the guilty verdict obviously caused quite the stir.

As the photographer James Manning explained, “He came out of the court, I was taking his picture, just standing still on the corner. He then pushed my camera into my face, which then caused it to fall to the floor, at which point he then picked it up and then threw it across the road. It smashed into a lot of pieces.”

Known for the popular 2000s singles "Fix Up, Look Sharp" and "Bonkers," Dizzee Rascal was arrested after going to the home of his former partner and mother of his two children Cassandra Jones in June 2021. After "barging" his way into Jones' home, he allegedly pushed her around her own home and eventually to the ground and repeatedly hit his own head against her refrigerator.

Jones & Jones' mother, who was at the home during the incident, tried to record his behavior on their phones, but he took the phones away from them. After hearing loud shouting, neighbors called the police, and he was eventually arrested. Upon returning a guilty verdict, Judge Polly Gledhill stated the argument had been over child contact issues and finances, calling him "abusive and aggressive."

Although it's unclear how his conviction will affect his impending endeavors, he will be sentenced in London on April 8. Dizzee Rascal is also a regular on British television; he appeared during last year's episode of The Great Celebrity Bake Off. In addition to that, he planned to voice a character in upcoming Netflix animated anthology The House.


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