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Donald Glover Praises Malia Obama Saying 'She Can Do Anything' After Hiring Her As A Writer

It's safe to say that Malia Obama can do pretty much anything, according to writer/actor/rapper Donald Glover, for whom she was hired for his latest project.

Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, was spotted at San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles and asked what he thought of Malia's screenwriting skills.

According to the Emmy and Grammy Award-winning artist, Malia is a jack of all trades. And, he's one to say given that he has a lot of titles under his belt.

He praised Malia, saying he feels she can do just about anything she wants and succeed.

In case you don't know, Don hired the 23-year-old Harvard grad to write his series for Amazon following a deal he signed with the studios in February 2021.

Thus, he gets to work with her directly, and clearly, he's super impressed.

Lastly, TMZ photographer asked if the former President and First Lady pitch ideas for future projects. The answer: "Not yet". But not ruling out the idea in the future.

As for Malia, it's undeniable, she's going places.


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