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Dr. Dre's Attorney Disproves Snoop Dogg's Claim on Death Row Records Acquiring 'The Chronic'

Howard King, Attorney for Dr. Dre, has made some statements to clear up some misinformation.

In a recent interview with Tidal's Elliott Wilson, Snoop Dogg suggested that Death Row the legendary hip-hop label had secured the rights to Dr. Dre's debut album "The Chronic". (which included numerous guests). He also said he bought Doggystyle, Tha Doggfather, Murder Was the Case and others like the Above The Rim soundtrack.

During the interview, Snoop also said Pac's albums were returned to his estate around 2021 and is confident he can bring them back to Death Row. Despite not providing details, Snoop implied that he had already struck a similar deal with The Chronic.

Howard King told Complex “There are false reports out regarding ownership by Death Row of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic,” He also said that. “Dr. Dre owns 100 percent of The Chronic.”


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