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Drake Files for Temporary Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Drake has now filed a lawsuit against his alleged stalker.

A Complex review of legal documents shows that the Canadian-born rapper is seeking a temporary restraining order against Mesha Collins-a 29-year-old woman who has harassed him over the past several years. TMZ reports Collins was arrested back in 2017 for trespassing on Drizzy’s Hidden Hills property.

The woman has allegedly shown up at Drake's residence on multiple occasions since then and has threatened Drake's life and his family's lives. Larry Stein, Drake's lawyer, claims the woman sent him a series of emails last month, one of them suggesting Drake should “put a bullet through your head now bitch.”

Collins would not be able to contact Drake; his son, Adonis; or his mother, Sandy Graham; or father, Dennis Graham, if the protection order were granted.

The filing comes months after Collins reportedly filed a $4 billion lawsuit against Drake alleging defamation and invasion of privacy. RadarOnline reports the complaint stemmed from Collins’ aforementioned 2017 arrest; however, Drake argued he couldn’t have defamed the plaintiff because he didn’t know her name until last summer.

“In April 2017, somebody broke into my Los Angeles home when I was not there. At the time of that incident, I was not told any details about the trespasser, including her name,” he wrote, as reported. “I understand that [Collins] filed a lawsuit against me in August 2021. When this lawsuit was filed and served on me, I learned that Plaintiff is the same person who broke into my house in Los Angeles in April 2017.”

According to reports, Collins sought to revive the lawsuit last month, but her request was ultimately denied.


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