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Former 'Law & Order' Star Benjamin Bratt Reveals Wife Talisa Soto Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

After learning that his wife, Talisa Soto, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Benjamin Bratt is encouraging fans to get screened.

He tells Today that his wife wanted him to remind fans, “that it’s important to get your screenings yearly, that you have to self-advocate for yourself and take care of yourself. Not just eating well, but you have to get to the doctor and make these exams a part of your regular life.”

“This is something I typically would keep close-held, but through the pandemic, through self-exam and then by going to her yearly mammogram, she discovered that she was positive for breast cancer,” he said.

Bratt continued, revealing that Soto is now “doing great” and her “medication rocks the hormonal system a little bit but the good news is, she was found to be cancer-free at this point. So we’re just on guard to make sure it doesn’t come back.”

As a result of Soto's diagnosis, Bratt became more concerned about his own health, and decided to get a colonoscopy, “which I had held off for too many years.” he said, It's something he recommends people to be “thoughtful about.”


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