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Joell Ortiz & KXNG Crooked's New Release 'Slaughterhouse' Disapproved by Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9

An Instagram post from Grammy-nominated rapper Royce Da 5'9 revealed what he thinks of Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked's upcoming project.

Earlier this week, The Allegory lyricist posted a picture of the cover art for The Rise And Fall Of Slaughterhouse, Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked's new collaborative album and the follow-up to 2020's H.A.R.D. EP.

Also, Nickle Nine shared a hypothetical story about the Slaughterhouse group he was a part of as well as Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and KXNG Crooked.

“You have 25% ownership/equity in a building,” Royce Da 5’9 wrote on Instagram. “Let’s say an apartment building… You built this building with your 3 partners, brick by brick.. It’s worth millions.. Suddenly, the value drops because it needs renovations etc .. You and your partners have been talking about when and how this work is gonna get done.. Y’all just need to agree on plan of attack.”

By the time Royce Da 5'9 had finished the length caption, he had introduced a conflict of interest that would effectively test his loyalty in exchange for essentially thirty pieces of silver.

“Meanwhile: You and just one of the other partners receive an offer 2 build another building together but with just the 2 of you,” he said. “Minus your other 2 partners… Yes… There’s a check involved.. BUT… Just One Catch: You have to burn down the building you already have without informing your other 2 partners in order to do so.”

Royce Da 5'9 ended his speech by asking his followers a rhetorical question, which he answered on his own.

“Would you do it?” he wrote. “Didn’t think so… Me either.”

Royce Da 5'9's shot at Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked was immediately approved by ex-Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden, who commented, “SMH.”

The Rise And Fall Of Slaughterhouse, an album from Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked, drops on March 11 and features 13 tracks. Even though Ortiz and Crooked collaborated together in 2020, their new project marks the first time any of the members of Slaughterhouse has released a music project bearing the group's name since the 2012 welcome to: OUR HOUSE album.


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