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Kenan Thompson Files For Divorce From His Ex-wife, With Whom He Shares Custody Of The Children

Kenan Thompson is taking the next step in his separation from his wife of 11 years by seeking a divorce and working out custody arrangements for their children.

Online records indicate that Kenan filed last month in New York to formalize his separation from Christina Evangeline. As reported by TMZ back in April, the parents had separated and were jointly parenting their two daughters Georgia and Gianna. The couple had been secretly separated for a few years.

The former couple agreed to share 50/50 custody, and are still living close to each other in NYC to make the custody arrangement easier on everyone, especially the children.

Kenan and Christina were married in 2011 at an aquarium in Atlanta.

Sources say they simply grew apart over time as their relationship progressed.

His ex Christina works as an interior designer while Kenan has always been in the spotlight starting out as a Nickelodeon star, then as a 'SNL' cast member and now as a longest-running cast member.

Sources say the divorce has been amicable, and they're both putting their kids first.


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