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Miami Heat's Kyle Lowry Talks on 'Beating Drake's Ass' 1-on-1

NBA star Kyle Lowry and Drake became close friends throughout the Villanova grad’s nine years playing for the Toronto Raptors. While he’s headed south for the beaches of Miami to suit up for the Heat, Lowry still remains in contact with the 6 God.

While Drizzy displays supreme confidence when lacing up his kicks and Lowry admits he’s gotten better over the years, the professional hooper had to let Drake know that a rapper doesn’t belong on the same court as him.

“Yeah, I beat his ass,” K-Low said matter-of-factly during an interview with Complex. “Yeah, no chance. Drake, don’t try me again, boy. As a competitor, you got to appreciate it. But yeah, he don’t want that smoke.

“He’s gotten better, though. He’s gotten better, man. I think he’s working on his jump shot a lot, working on his handle a lot. I think really from the time I’ve first seen him to the time now, he’s gotten a lot better.”

Footage emerged in January of Drake and Kyle Lowry playing 1-on-1 in Miami after a game at the Heat arena and the 6x-NBA All-Star had to set the record straight on what really went down.

Drake, who is an official team ambassador for the Raptors, and Kyle Lowry teamed up for a ton of viral moments during his Toronto tenure, including a time Drizzy played the role of interviewer post-game after a win in 2017 and the time Drake FaceTimed Lowry during a post-game presser last year.

The 6 God has stayed busy in the gym and showed off his shooting skills when he “turned into Steph Curry” to defeat an emerging rapper in an arcade basketball game — one of which if he lost he would’ve had to owe him a feature.


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