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Nas Praises Joey Bada$$'s Upcoming Single and Claims it is 'the Perfect Single'

Being co-signed by Nas, one of Hip Hop's most revered MCs, is sure to be a satisfying experience. Joey Bada$$ knows what it's like. The Brooklyn-born rapper shared a series of Instagram photos with a picture of himself standing next to Nas.

He wrote in the caption, “[Goat] I ain’t work this hard to be around people I don’t like [goat.]”

Nas reportedly heard some of Joey Bada$$'s new music, and he further elaborated in a post on Twitter. In Nas's opinion, what he heard in the studio was high quality.

“Played Nas some of the album and he said he was inspired,” he wrote. “He also loved the next song I’m dropping for y’all, he called it ‘the perfect single.’ Meant a lot hearing that from the [goat]. New raps on the way.”

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