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NLE Choppa Drops “The Gender Reveal Song” Following Girlfriend’s Miscarriage

NLE Choppa's girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae recently miscarried, so the rapper released "The Gender Reveal Song" as a tribute to their unborn child.

The rapper gets introspective in the song as he expresses excitement about the arrival of their first child. "Whatеver you get just know that its a blessing/God don't give us what we want, he gives needs/Love her or love him/Every decision is made for them,” he raps on the brief track, which Choppa confirmed was a tribute to the son they lost, Seven.

“I always wanted to make a song significant to gender reveals because I feel that’s one of the most special parts of a pregnancy,” he wrote on Instagram. “The curiosity of not knowing if it’s a girl or a boy but trusting that god will give what’s needed is beautiful. The first gender reveal I was a part of ever was one to remember God blessed me with a baby boy but a few months later decided to turn him into a angel to watch over me and my partner.”

He added that he was inspired to share the song “for all the couples out there who have a gender reveal coming up in the future.” He captioned the post with “#FOREVER7.”

Listen to the Song Below.


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