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Pardison Fontaine, Megan Thee Stallion's Boyfriend, Calls Out Tory Lanez To Fight

Wednesday (February 23), Megan Thee Stallion and Akademiks sparred on social media. The Houston rapper was furious after the invasive media personality prematurely tweeted that the court found no DNA evidence on the weapon Tory Lanez allegedly used to shoot Megan in July 2020.

Megan's boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, now wants Tory Lanez to fight him. Both Pardi and Lanez exchanged back-and-forth tweets, with Pardi saying, “@torylanez put the phone down and let’s chat.. you and I have nothing to discuss.” Lanez replied, “.... @pardi we’ve had this encounter … u did nothing. put ya phone down big fella,” to which Pardi countered, “don’t tweet nothing else. SEE ME.”

Lanez went on trial for felony assault on Wednesday, and Akademiks said in a since-deleted tweet that there was "no DNA evidence" on the gun. Megan refuted the claim on her Instagram stories, accusing Akademiks of "lying." However, the former Everyday Struggle co-host soon returned with an update on what allegedly happened.

Tory Lanez trial was recently adjourned until April, with Tory's attorney telling the court that the prosecution's DNA tests were inconclusive in finding Tory DNA on the gun or magazine (I have seen this document)," he wrote. I have a feeling one of you is going to tell me I was deceived by my eyes. I'm not Trasha K. Stop playing with me."

Tony Lanez appears to support Akademiks' claim, tweeting, "Ak is telling no lies." But Rolling Stone reporter Nancy Dillon argues otherwise, tweeting, "DNA is not mentioned at the Tory Lanez hearing today." It's 'totally fabricated' that Tory's lawyer told the court DNA results were 'pleasing' to his side, 2 sources tell Rolling Stone. I will update when I receive the transcript. The pre-trial continues on April 5.

She later updated her tweet and wrote, "I have the transcript from the court reporter.". Tory Lanez's attorney said: "We are currently in the process of retaining DNA experts.". It is our hope that we will be able to review & confirm the LAPD’s analysis, which from our standpoint was favorable.'”

Lanez has since doubled down in an Instagram post, writing, “No lies told…Pardon my back.” Check it out below.


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