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Shaq Would 'Use the Bathroom' in a Bucket and Pour It on Their Rookie Teammates, Says Gary Payton

Shaquille O'Neal and Gary Payton have a rich history of playing together-from their time in Los Angeles to their days in Miami-and The Glove focuses on some of their more... interesting experiences together.

One highlight from Payton's recent interview with VladTV has been making the rounds because he talked about Shaq being the ultimate "joker" when they played together. He also gave an example of one of the pranks he pulled on Shaq.

“We used to always play jokes,” Payton says in the above clip. “Shaq is a jokester. So if one of the rookies would be in the stall, he would take a bucket and use the bathroom in it for about a week. And then all of a sudden, he would pour it on them.”

There's no mention of what's in the bucket, so you can use your imagination. He also told another story about a prank he played on Shaq. Shaq's underwear, which is now part of a frame he owns, was once stolen by Payton and his pants were messed with, requiring him to "free-ball" with a towel on inside his truck.

“He’d get in his truck and ride around and then he would throw the towel out and then he’d be free-balling,” Payton said. “So I used to keep all the shorts pair of drawers and all that stuff.”


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