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SNL's Chris Redd Says He Won't 'Stir the Pot' with Pete Davidson and Kanye West Feud

As a comedian - but also a realist - Chris Redd knows where to draw the line, especially when it comes to the feud between SNL co-star Pete Davidson and Kanye West

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show, Redd, 36, opened up about the ongoing feud between the two stars, which erupted after the Donda artist separated from Kim Kardashian. Redd also explained why he has avoided making jokes about it.

"When it comes to Ye, I'm always of the mind that I'll make fun," explained Redd, who grew up in Chicago, like West. "I was raised joking. You clown, you clown people. That's kind of how we come up. We're from the same place. We know the same people, but at the same time, there is a serious layer to that situation that I just won't make fun of."

"I'm not making fun of his mental health. You know, I have my mental health issues myself," he continued. "So I'm very aware of those things. And I never come from that place of making fun of that specifically. His irresponsibility of it is what I make fun of and his ego, but it's never those things."

The Despite his lack of friendship with West, Redd wishes the best for both men. star, who has previously impersonated West on SNL, also noted how the situation between Pete and Kanye has gotten "really public and tight" in the past couple of weeks.

"It's just better not to like put your friend in a weird situation by antagonizing a situation more than you need to," he said. "But I'm really tired of sitting on these jokes though. So I hope they figure that out soon. Cause I ain't got nothing to do with none of this."

Though Redd doesn't have much of a friendship with West, he said he wished the best for both men.

"I think Pete's handling it well and you know, he's starting to talk again, and he is handling that well," he shared. "You always wanna make sure on both sides of it, even though me and Ye aren't friends, I want the best for that dude too. I'm still a fan of his music, you know?"

"I hope that he like learns how to handle this, so they could just move on with their lives," he added. "But yeah, it's not interesting to me to stir the pot on something that's just unhealthy, you know?"


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