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Soulja Boy Snaps on Akbar V From 'Love & Hiphop' After She Said He Isn't From Atlanta

After hearing 'Love & Hip Hop' personality Akbar V point out Soulja Boy wasn't from Atlanta on her new single “Sorry Not Sorry (G-Mix)”, the Grammy Award-nominated rapper went off on Instagram Live and was screaming uncontrollably.

“Um, Akbar, could you sit your nipple head ass down somewhere, bitch,” he says. “Fuck you talkin’ bout Soulja Boy ain’t grow up in the A? Bitch, you don’t know me! You don’t know shit about me! You fathead, nipple head, waffle head bitch!”

Akbar shared the clip again and asked, “@souljaboy now big Draco what I do to deserve this. I love #bigdraco it hurt me when I found out u wasn’t from Atlanta cause u rep us so well. We let you stay cause u had everybody cranking that Soulja. We know u not from the A. We adopted u. forever … you from Chicago bro.”

Soulja then shouts, “Suck my dick! I’m from the Westside on my mama!” Akbar replied, “Zone 1 Simpson Red check in is @souljaboy from over there … cause we Atlanta want to know. Draco made at me I said we let him stay cause dance was hard.”

Soulja Boy then dropped another video and said, “Look bro, I’m done with this conversation. Shout out to Akbar. That’s the end of it. You feel me? I’m from Chicago, Atlanta, Bompton…”

Akbar also responded to that video, writing, “y’all know I love @souljaboy #bigdraco I was bout to come back on his a$$$$. bro I’m Queen you can be from Atlanta I’m bout to get you a birth certificate made right now so on this very day u will be from Atlanta. Y’all make sure to get his album when it drops.”


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