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T.I. Responds to Godfrey Slamming him for Performing Stand-Up Set After The Comedian

Godfrey, the Nebraskan comedian who criticized T.I.'s recent stand-up attempt, took to social media to rebuke the rapper's statements.

In Atlanta, Godfrey was upset that T.I., whom he said he still doesn't consider a comedian, performed immediately after him after he was declared as the headliner. On an episode of his In Godfrey We Trust podcast, he said, "No one's supposed to go up after you.".

The rapper saw Godfrey's comments and hopped on Instagram Live puzzled as to what reason Godfrey would have for making an enemy out of him rather than making him an ally.

“What you are failing to do is recognize something, someone who could be an ally, someone who could be an asset, someone who could add value, and you misrepresenting that as opposition,” T.I. stated during Monday's IG Live session.

“Bruh, I’m not your opponent,” the rapper added. “You been doing this and how long you been doing it and for somebody to come on after you headlining. Hey, bruh you know how many of these comedians there is out there rapping right now? You know how many comedians there is doing rap? I’ve been rapping since I was eight years old bruh. It took me… probably twenty years to god damn get where I wanted to be. You dig what I’m saying?”

He continued, “You said in your little interview is you said that he’s not a comedian and had you taken the time to come to the stage what you said that you would not do and you should not do, but I disagree, you would have heard in my set I said ‘I am not a comedian, I’m a superstar.’ There’s a difference.”

A dispute recently erupted after T.I. attempted stand-up for the first time in January. Though this is the first time T.I. has stepped outside the realm of rap, it's not the first time he's done so. His previous films include Takers, American Gangster, Marvel's first two Ant-Man movies, and his own film, ATL.


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