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The Game Speaks On Kanye West’s Instagram Suspension; Ye Is ‘Speaking His Truth’

The Game has addressed the Instagram suspension of the artist formerly known as Kanye West, defending his "Eazy" collaborator and speaking out in support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as something the social media platform should be focused on instead.

On Wednesday, Ye was suspended for a temporary period (i.e. 24 hours). The suspension was a result of violations of IG and Facebook's policies regarding "hate speech, harassment, and bullying."

In a post shared Wednesday evening, Game said IG was "funny as hell" for implementing such policies. He also shared a screenshot showing the #FreeYe hashtag.

“It’s a whole war going on in Ukraine & hate posts surrounding it that add fuel to the fire + Africans being violated & barred from crossing borders to safety with racists comments/content attached…. and y’all zero’d in on Ye’s posts about the protection of his children, his fatherhood & him speaking his truth in defense to the c*****y displayed by other verified users on this app that further complicate his situation in regards to his family,” Game also said in the caption of his post.

Ye's suspension was preceded by an IG post criticizing Trevor Noah, who this week devoted a portion of a new episode of the Daily Show to the ongoing Ye x Kim Kardashian x Pete Davidson debate. Noah had responded to the post just before it was suspended, notably including several references to Ye's lyrics.


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