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A lawsuit was filed against Jonathan Mannion and Jonathan Mannion Photography, LLC, by Jay-Z for using his name, image, and likeness, according to Reuters. JAY-Z's Reasonable Doubt cover art was taken by Mannion, the photographer behind iconic rap images. He sold prints of JAY-Z for thousands of dollars, then demanded tens of millions of dollars when asked to stop using the images.

Throughout the suit, JAY-Z claims that Mannion made an arrogant assumption that because he took the photographs, he can do with them as he pleases.

In addition to the profits he has made from his likeness, Jay-Z demands that Mannion cease selling photos, and other merch where his image appears. Mannion's attorney has responded by saying: "Mr. Mannion has created iconic images of Mr. Carter over the years, and is proud that these images have helped to define the artist that Jay-Z is today. Mr. Mannion has the utmost respect for Mr. Carter and his body of work, and expects that Mr. Carter would similarly respect the rights of artists and creators who have helped him achieve the heights to which he has ascended."

A motion to dismiss the case has been filed by photographer Jonathan Mannion, citing the first amendment. Following that, Jay-Z says he and Mannion met on January 5, where they attempted a settlement. Despite their efforts, a settlement was not reached. Consequently, the case is now heading to trial, which will take place on July 22, 2022.

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