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Tyler Lockett's Thoughts After Running Routes With Colin Kaepernick: “That Man Kap is Ready.”

Although he has been out of the NFL for five years, Colin Kaepernick is still keen on staying fit.

Recently, he did so with the help of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett and his brother. Kaepernick shared clips of the workout on social media.

Apparently impressed with what he saw from Kap, Lockett tweeted, “that man Kap is ready.”

“Great work today,” Kap tweeted at Lockett. “It felt great being out there with you. Thanks for everyone who tapped in via stream with us. The full video of the workout will be posted tomorrow. Looking forward to doing it again! Who else is working? I’ll pull up.”

Kaepernick-who was released by the Niners in 2016 after he took a knee during the U.S. national anthem to protest racial injustice-hasn't given up on his dream of playing professional football.


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