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Wack 100 Says Kanye West Gave 'No Touch' Orders on Pete Davidson

As each week passes, the situation between Kanye West and Pete Davidson seems to escalate. Ye decapitated Pete in his "Eazy" video, while Davidson allegedly texted Kanye a picture of him in Kim Kardashian's bed.

The latest update in the ongoing beef comes from none other than Wack 100. According to Wack during a recent appearance on the No Jumper podcast, Kanye specifically told people not to mess with Pete Davidson, because he wants to fight his own battle.

No Jumper host Adam22 asked Wack what he would do if he ran into the SNL comedian, and Wack responded, “Skete can’t be around me. He gotta roll it up. Kanye gave specific instructions for nobody to touch Skete. He told us ‘do not touch Skete, don’t put our hands on Skete, don’t say nothing disrespectful to Skete.'”

Wack 100 appears to be going along with Kanye West's request, but Soulja Boy clearly didn't get the memo. Big Draco threatened Pete Davidson on Instagram Live last week, telling him to watch his tone when addressing Yeezus.

“Pete Davidson, PSA: Watch your fucking mouth when you’re talking to Kanye like that, n-gga,” he said, referencing Davidson’s “antagonizing” text messages to Kanye. “I don’t know who the fuck you think you is, but you not Big Draco.”

He continued, “Do not talk to Kanye like that no more or you gonna have me on your ass, n-gga. Can’t nobody talk to Ye like that but me, n-gga. Watch your mouth, Skete. N-gga talk about I’m in the bed with your wife. Boy, we will come over there and mush yo little ass. Boy, you better stop playin’ on the phone with some real n-ggas.”


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