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2 Chainz Releases “Kingpen Ghostwriter” Music Video Featuring Lil Baby

The music video for 2 Chainz's Lil Baby-featuring single "Kingpen Ghostwriter" is out following the release of his seventh studio album, Dope Don't Sell Itself.

In addition to "Free B.G.," "Neighbors Know My Name," "Million Dollars Worth of Game," and "Pop Music," this is the latest Dope Don't Sell Itself track to get the music video treatment.

Kingpen Ghostwriter is the Atlanta rappers' third collaboration, they previously worked together on "Anyway," a track from Lil Baby's Street Gossip album, as well as on Juicy J's 2020 single "Spend It."

The newest installment in Lil Baby's show-stopping guest verses, "Kingpen Ghostwriter," is out now. Throughout the course of just the past six months, the 27-year-old rapper has appeared on tracks for Drake ("Girls Want Girls") and Kanye ("Hurricane") alongside Gunna ("25k Jacket") and Roddy Ricch ("Moved to Miami").


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