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50 Cent Continues to Troll Jussie Smollet as He Shares Memes of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

50 Cent once again chose to troll Jussie Smollett on Tuesday, but this time it wasn't about his criminal case. The Queens legend instead chose to make him the focal point of a joke involving Will Smith and Chris Rock’s dispute that occurred at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

50 Cent wrote underneath a photograph of a tearful Smollett "Will Smith hit me too," referring to Smith's viral smacking of Rock during the Oscars ceremony.

“Nah we don’t believe this fool. LOL,” Fif wrote in the caption.

"In Da Club" rapper has remained unrelenting in his trolling of Smollett, who was sentenced to 150 days in jail earlier this month for staging a hate crime. 50 Cent teased the former Empire star on social media throughout his legal process, and following Smollett's headline-making remarks in court after his sentencing, he saw another opportunity to clown the actor.

“If I ever go to court again, I don’t care if it’s for a parking ticket, I’m gonna say this,” 50 Cent teased alongside a video of Smollett stating he is “not suicidal.” In another post on Instagram, Fif added, “This fool is crazy, I knew he was lying from the beginning.”

Although Smollett has been in 50 Cent's sights for a while now, the mogul did individually go after Smith following his assault on Rock, which came after he made a joke about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who lives with alopecia. 50 responded to the incident in several Instagram posts, one of which referenced the 2005 sitcom Everybody Hates Chris.

“You have to win Oscars to do this kinda shit,” the rapper wrote in another post. “After i win i’m gonna slap the shit out of a few people. LOL.”

Check out some of his posts below.

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