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50 Cent's Reaction to Usher Playing 'in the Club' During the Birth of His Son & Child's Name Reveal

Despite the money, jewelry, and camera flashes, Hip Hop and R&B artists are just regular people just like the rest of us - and they have some funny stories too.

The rapper thanked R&B legend Usher for playing "In Da Club" during the birth of his son Sire Raymond on Instagram.

“We have 2 Kings now, SIRE Jackson and SIRE Raymond. coolest shit ever ! @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi @bottlerover,” 50 Cent wrote as a caption, referencing Usher's child having the same name as his own child.

Earlier this week, Usher told Ellen Degeneres about the situation, explaining that he was responsible for the music being played in the hospital room. He said he made a mistake with the music selection for the birth of his daughter and he would not repeat that mistake now.

“The first time, I was in charge of music but I did a terrible job,” Usher told Ellen. “But the second time, I came fully equipped. I had my Mophie. I had speakers. I had backup batteries. I had a whole playlist that I had worked on for about two weeks. It was crazy. It was great.”

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