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50 Cent's Thoughts on Casting Yk Osiris to The 'Power' Universe

Even though YK Osiris lacks acting experience, 50 Cent thinks he might have what it takes to star in one of his TV series. YK recently took to Instagram Stories to share his dream of being in the Power universe.

“I think it’s time to put your boy in Power, man.” YK Osiris said in a video while tagging 50 Cent. “I think it’s time, dawg. Put your boy in Power, dawg. I’m telling you. That shit’s gonna be crazy, y’all. I’m getting Power this year. Watch this.”

50 Cent then reposted the video to his Instagram page and asked his followers whether they thought YK Osiris would make a good addition to Power.

“The youngn say he ready,” he wrote on Tuesday (March 8). “i think if he work on acting he can do something. what y’all think ?”

The comments on YK Osiris' post joked about what kind of character he could play based on his history of debts to Drake and Lil Baby.

“He can play a n-gga that owe somebody money with ease,” one fan wrote, while another said, “He can even play himself. Hes gunna end up owing Tommy money for a bet and the rest is history lmao.”

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