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50 Cent Stands Up for Mo’nique, Calls on Oprah and Tyler Perry for an Apology

50 Cent wants to get Mo'Nique a second chance in Hollywood and wants people to apologize for allegedly "blackballing" her in the industry, including Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.

Fifty took to his Instagram to share his thoughts about the actress by reposting an infographic video from HotNewHipHop discussing the rapper's thoughts about Mo'Nique's situation.

“I’m sure Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry would not want to continue to allow there influence to damage @therealmoworldwide career and this has went on for way to long,” 50 wrote in the caption. “So now would be a great time to apologize because i’m gonna put her back on. 🤔GLG🚦GreenLighGang 🎯I don’t miss! #bransoncognac

Mo'Nique appeared on 'Turnt Out with TS Madison' back in February and discussed a phone call she had with Perry, where the filmmaker allegedly apologized to her. Perry refused to meet in person with Mo'Nique except under two conditions: that they meet without her husband/manager, and that she apologize to him. Mo'Nique then explained why she thinks the beef has lasted so long.

It was Mo'Nique's refusal to spend time promoting Precious during the film's awards campaign that caused her conflicts with Winfrey, Perry, and Lee Daniels.

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