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A $20 million lawsuit has been filed against Trey Songz for allegedly rapping a woman at a house par

Trey Songz has reportedly been accused of yet another sexual assault, one he vehemently denies. TMZ reports that Jane Doe claims Songz sexually assaulted her at a Los Angeles house party in 2016. They had a consensual relationship before he suddenly turned into a "savage rapist."

Songz allegedly invited Jane Doe upstairs for what she thought would be consensual sex. He repeatedly asked her if he could "get that ass", to which she repeatedly responded "no" and to stop asking.

His demeanor changed as soon as they entered the bedroom. Her claim is that he "threw her to the ground, ripped her pants off, pinned her down face first, and forced his penis into her anus without her consent."

After that, she claims she screamed in pain and pleaded with him to stop, but he overpowered her. A person entered the bedroom at one point, and she thought the "brutal rape" would stop, but the person simply left. As Songz finished, she grabbed her clothes and ran outside to call an Uber.

The documents explain the driver noticed she was in a panic and rerouted her to a local hospital where a sexual assault exam was performed and the police were called. She says the exam revealed she had “severe anal tearing that could require surgery” but didn’t identify her alleged attacker because she was “in shock and fearing for her life.”

Now she wants $20 million in damages. Jane Doe’s attorney, Ariel Mitchell, is also representing two other women who are suing Trey Songz for alleged sexual assaults in Miami and New York.

There are more victims coming forward every day, Mitchell says. You are not alone, and this behavior is unacceptable. George Vrabeck and I will not be deterred by bullying or intimidation tactics and will continue to fight for justice for Trey Songz's sexual assault victims.

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