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A New Virgil Abloh Mural is Unveiled in Chicago

The generational designer is being commemorated with a new poster and mural installed in his hometown of Chicago, Fox 23 Chicago reports. Virgil Abloh was a larger-than-life figure in both fashion and art.

Abloh's 15 x 30 ft graffiti mural created by fellow Chicago-born artist Rahmaan Statik lies in the northwest stairwell of Chicago's Time Out Market. Statik posted his work on Instagram along with some words about Abloh's legacy.

This mural, dubbed the "VIRGIL ABLOH "WILD STYLE" GRAFFITI TRIBUTE MURAL," contains videos of the mural, which can be seen from several staircases, and a panel where Statik talks about Abloh. Stantik is a highly regarded visual artist in Chicago who has created a number of murals and street art pieces throughout the local area, including murals of MF DOOM, Prince, and more.

Aside from being an important part of Virgil's community, Levar Hoard of B-Line Projects also spoke about how he never forgot his Chicago roots.

“Virgil was also somebody who reached back into the community all the way up to his last days,” Hoard added. “He was communicating with people. Direct messaging them. Texting them.”

Chicago's Time Out Market will continue to house the mural of late designer Virgil Abloh for the foreseeable future, adding to the collection of tributes like the one that was made for his last Louis Vuitton show in Miami in November.

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