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Aaron Paul Runs Back to Salute Fans Missed During Meet & Greet Event

Aaron Paul isn't nearly as crochety as his famous onscreen characters often are -- in fact, he's a super nice dude ... just ask these people, whom he literally ran back to meet.

The actor was doing a promotional event in Chicago alongside his one-time 'Breaking Bad' costar, Bryan Cranston, where they were plugging their new mezcal line, Dos Hombres, and shaking hands with fans who apparently stood in a long line just to get a glimpse.

Check out this video ... it shows AP jogging back to say hello to stragglers who missed the window, not being able to see Aaron and Bryan in the flesh before they were whisked away.

The dude didn't realize they hadn't gotten to everyone ... so, we're told he hopped out of the SUV that was taking them away, and circled back to make sure everyone was attended to. As you can see, he waved hello to an off-camera crowd, and took selfies with those nearby.

Super sweet moment, and you can tell the people appreciated it.

As for the mezcal ... they actually fired it up a couple years back, but are embarking on this "tequila tour" now, post-COVID. Better late than never ... that's what these people are saying!

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