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After Cj McCollum Trade, Jj Redick Snaps On Zion Williamson's Failure To Reach Out To New Teammate

Zion Williamson was criticized by JJ Redick for not reaching out to his new teammate CJ McCollum.

“This just shows a complete lack of investment in your team, in the organization, in the city,” Redick said on Tuesday’s First Take. “I get that [Williamson’s] hurt and away from the team, but you just traded for one of the 50 best players in the league. A guy that’s supposed to be paired with you. Reach out and say hello.”

McCollum said he has yet to hear from Williamson, who is currently recovering from an injury and rehabbing his right foot, following his trade to the Pelicans at the NBA trade deadline.

“This is a pattern of behavior with Zion that we are seeing again and again. And look, I was his teammate. I can describe him as a detached teammate,” Redick, who used to play for the Pelicans, added. “That is an accurate statement. This is basic level of humanity being a teammate. Send a text to a guy when he gets traded to your team. That is just normal behavior. That is bar minimum that you have to do.”

admitted that the Pelicans did not mention Zion in an email sent out to season ticket holders. “Guess whose name wasn’t on the email?” Redick asked. “Zion’s. Like what the heck is going on in New Orleans.”

Typically, new teammates plan to reach out especially to former first-round picks after a trade, especially when they are the face of your franchise, but McCollum said he had yet to hear from his former teammate. “I haven’t spoken directly with him,” McCollum said during TNT's pregame show.

“I’ve spoken with some people close to him and look forward to sitting down with him sooner than later,” he added. “I know about as much as you do right now but I’m gonna get to the bottom of it.”

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