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After Toronto Restaurant 'Randy's Patties' Announces for Closure, Drake Shows Interest on Buying It

Drake is all over Instagram about the Toronto Jamaican patty stalwart's pending end. According to reports, manufacturing challenges and supply shortages hit the small business hard enough to force staff to inform their faithful customers that Feb. 26 would be their last day of operation. Toronto's favorite place for hand-made, meat-and-veggie stuffed, flaky Caribbean pastries has closed its doors, according to eTalk anchor Tyrone Edwards. Drake was one of many commentators intrigued by the news.

Drake didn't stop with opining about the pastry shop, thankfully. Following Drake's comment "I'll buy Randy's right now," people were stunned that Drake was saying "YOLO" to the authentic island snack racket.

It is possible Drake was joking or speaking hypothetically. But this is the same guy who once said, "I forgot how much I made, it's a lot." So if he's serious, he certainly has the funds to keep his favorite meat pie spot afloat.

It doesn't matter whether Drake becomes a benefactor of Randy's or not, his social media support for Randy's boosted his foodie credentials (he has heaped praise on Toronto's patty scene before). In the meantime, if this is just a star's fond goodbye to a pastry institution, let's hope it inspires the same kind of patty-throwing meme as "Hotline Bling." Still, we hope MC continues to serve up those sumptuous Jamaican treats in real life, and that Champagne Papi keeps this mom and pop business running.

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