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Amid Racial Tensions, Young Thug Offers Assistance to African Immigrants Trapped in Ukraine

Young Thug is working to lend a helping hand to Eastern Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis.

In an attempt to overthrow Ukraine's democratically elected government, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a "special military operation." As a result, thousands of people fled the USSR's former republic for safety in Europe.

Nevertheless, there have been reports of African immigrants being unfairly treated at Ukraine's borders by a "Ukrainians first" policy that prevents them from boarding trains or crossing into nearby countries. There are many African students studying medicine and other technical subjects in Ukraine at affordable prices.

Young Thug posted a series of stories to his Instagram Stories in the wake of reports of racist discrimination taking place at Ukraine's borders. In the posts, he asked his rap peers to contribute to the cause of the country's African population.

“If some of my rap brothers are in I’m willing to help Africans get out of Ukraine however I can sense [sic] they not letting us pass,” he wrote. “Who ever holds the info for these movements please contact me ASAP I’m ready.”


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