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Andrew Whitworth Claims Aaron Donald Isn't Retiring, 'He'll Be Back'

Fans of the Los Angeles Rams can relax. Aaron Donald isn't retiring, according to his former teammate Andrew Whitworth, tells TMZ Sports A.D. ain't going anywhere but the gym this offseason.

In a recent interview at Wally's in Beverly Hills, the ex-Rams left tackle said he is 100 percent sure Donald will not hang up the cleats this year.

"He'll be back on that field dominating again," Whitworth said, confidently.

NBC's Rodney Harrison reported that Donald was considering retiring just before the Super Bowl - with the former Patriots star explaining how Donald had told him he'd strongly think about giving up the game if the Rams won it all.

Following the big championship win, Donald hasn't made a clear indication about his stance. But according to Whitworth, those rumors are now history.

"Dominate on the football field again," Whitworth said when asked what he expected to see from Donald in 2022. "That's what I know he knows how to do well and I'm sure he's going to be doing it again."

Whitworth believes Donald has a great chance of winning a second championship if he returns - and even without him on the offensive line, the Rams can still win back-to-back titles.


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