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As Part of His Divorce Settlement, Hulk Hogan Had to Buy His Ex-wife a Car

In the wake of his second divorce, Hulk Hogan is turning the page, and his ex-wife is doing the same ... but under a new set of wheels, as they say, which they agreed to when they divorced.

The pro wrestling legend and Jennifer McDaniel reached an agreement when they finalized their divorce last year, which flew under the radar until he announced it this week, and a key point of negotiation was that JMD have a brand new car.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Hulk and Jen's divorce settlement calls for HH to buy Jen a new car within 45 days, and guarantee she will not have to make any payments on the vehicle.

The paperwork doesn't specify make or model, but Hulk gets to keep the car they had shared during their marriage.

The divorce papers also reveal that Jen will keep the home they bought together in Palm Isle, FL, and Hulk will keep the home in Clearwater.

Regarding alimony, a one-time lump sum of cash was paid by Hulk to Jennifer, but the amount wasn't disclosed. Both of them have a non-disparagement clause that prohibits them from talking about their relationship without the other's consent.

Last but not least, it appears Jen responded to his divorce petition on the same day he filed it -- an indication that everything was amicable and well-planned beforehand.

I guess it's all good in the end. Hulk has a girlfriend and appears happy, as he revealed.

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