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Babyface Ray, Kash Doll & More set to perform at “Tied In 313 Day” concert in Detriot

"Tied In 313 Day" at Detroit's Garden Theater will include performances by Babyface Ray, Kash Doll and others.

It is being conceived and curated by Chanel Domonique, who is also curating the lineup, and it promises to showcase the city's vibrant hip-hop scene with performances from Ray and Doll as well as Peezy, Baby Money, Tay B, and Payroll.

A black-owned cannabis brand, Viola, is putting on the event, which will be hosted by Detroit natives Haha Davis and Justin Floyd.

“Since 2019 we’ve really tried to integrate ourselves into the community,” Al Harrington, former NBA player and CEO of Viola, told Metro Times. “We’ve held turkey and coat drives but this is the first real event we’ve been able to do because of COVID. Later this month we’re hosting our first Viola R&B karaoke as the launch party for our new 01’ Iverson strain. We’re excited to continue giving back and show love to the 313.”

Domonique added that, “Given the current climate of the Detroit entertainment industry, its undeniable buzz, and national recognition, it was almost impossible to not shift the focus to Detroit’s very own talented individuals, all of whom worked day and night to be properly recognized in the music industry.”

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