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Benny the Butcher Addresses Lil Durk Releasing Album on Same Day as His: ‘I Respect the Grind’

Lil Durk is showing love to Benny the Butcher and his journey to the top.

Benny posted a handful of charting successes for his new album Tana Talk 4 on Facebook Monday, but made sure to appear to reply to fans and friends who questioned why rap artist Lil Durk, who unleashed his new album 7220 on the same day last week, was charting above him and why Benny was "getting beat by" him.

“I could never hate on smirk like y’all hate on me,” Benny shared to his Facebook page. “See I respect the grind and kno it took him 10 yrs after ‘[Dis Ain’t] What U Want’ to get where he at me and bro got the same security and some staff so it’s all love.”

Benny also asked his fans not to "hate or envy the next man," but to "put in the work and wait your turn." His posts before that included him saluting the album's success in the UK-where it debuted at No. 5-and globally-where it debuted at No. 7.

In the days before the album's release, Durk "dare" anyone to share the album's release date, but the two have shared the March 11 date.

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