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Benny the Butcher Claims He's "The Face of Def Jam" While Rapping Over DMX Classic

Benny The Butcher was recently stopped by Power 106 for a freestyle ahead of the release of his Tana Talk 4 album. Sitting down with the L.A. Leakers, Benny rapped over DMX, The LOX, and Ma$e's classic "N-ggaz Done Started Something" from Dark Man X's 1999 album It's Dark & Hell Is Hot.

“Face of Def Jam, and we plan on changing the score,” he raps over Dame Grease’s instrumental. “This time around, this street shit gon’ get some label support/Thankful for legends who paved the way but ain’t get awards/‘Cause every hustler at the table done took some game from New York.”

Benny's lyrics refer to him signing a Def Jam deal in November, with Tana Talk 4 being his last album as an independent.

DMX passed away in April 2021, leaving Benny The Butcher to recall a parking lot encounter with the Yonkers legend.

“A couple months ago was my first time meeting X,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “he was pullin up but was takin forever and I had some important shit to do and a flight to catch. @therealnoreaga was like u gotta miss tht flight this X so I miss that one and whole other one waitin to meet the Dog. my boy @zoeydollaz booked a third one for me and I caught tht.”


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