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Benny the Butcher Names His Top 3 'Drug Rappers': "Me, Hov [Jay-z] and Jeezy"

In the world of rapping about pushing weight, Benny The Butcher has made a name for himself. With his latest album Tana Talk 4, Benny shows off those coke-driven bars and even adds his own teachings to Biggie's "Ten Crack Commandments."

The Griselda rapper discussed best drug rappers of all time during a recent interview with XXL. Benny explains that there are three MCs in the conversation - including himself.

“The best drug rapper of all time?” Benny said while pondering the question. “A lot of people come to mind. Let me give you my top three: me, Hov and Jeezy. That’s my top three. I gotta put myself in there, you know what I’m saying?”

He added, “It’s a lot of dudes, and that genre became big only because that’s the hood’s trade, that’s a black man’s trade. Street corner shit, that’s just what it is. That was our lane that we found to feed ourselves and do what we needed to do.”

Benny also spoke about his relationship with JAY-Z in the interview and revealed the best advice he's received from the Roc Nation mogul.

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