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Benzino Ends Beef with Eminem: "The Beef is Officially Over"

Eminem and Benzino's long-running beef has taken an unexpected turn. It came as a surprise for fans when the former publisher of The Source posted a tweet on Thursday (March 17) tagging Eminem and assuring them he was done slandering Slim Shady. After all, the 56-year-old has been vilifying Slim Shady for several years.

“To all @Eminem fans and Stans all over the world,” he wrote. “The beef is officially over. I’m letting y’all know I have no hate towards any of his fans & recognize his contributions to Hip Hop. He truly is apart of the culture & 1 of the best to rock the mic regardless of his color.”

Benzino continued by saying he truly wants the best for his daughter, Rising Star Coi Leray, whose relationship with her father has been public. Following his social media hiatus, he vowed to return as a different person.

“I realize that me going back and forth with his fans is not good for the culture, my spirit, my legacy and most important, my beautiful, talented daughter Coi Leray,” he continued. “I don’t want any negativity from me affect her dream. This is truly over. God Bless All.

“I’m falling back from Twitter for awhile but when I come back you will see a different Benzino.”

Benzino has been attacking Eminem since the early 2000s when the former "Hip Hop Bible" revealed it had a tape of Eminem rapping racial slurs against Black women when he was a teenager.

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