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Benzino Says That 2Pac Got Killed for the Same Thing Will Smith Did to Chris Rock

Watch the full interview at the VladTV Youtube channel Here

In the latest clip, Benzino and Shawn Prez continued to debrief the on-stage altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Both acknowledged that individuals sitting in the first few rows of a show are "fair game" to comedians, as well as the fact that Chris Rock roasted other celebrities besides Jada Pinkett. Benzino and Shawn Prez also expressed their disappointment in Will's behavior on a night that was supposed to be his crowning achievement, with Benzino drawing comparisons between Will's actions and the actions of 2Pac on the night of his death. To hear both men discuss the potential ripple effects of the infamous altercation, check out the clip below.

Interview by Shawn Prez Check out his youtube channel:


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