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Bill Murray Faces Backlash for Pandemic Comments: 'We're Afraid to Die, Afraid to Kill'

Bill Murray is being criticized for being old and out-of-touch after complaining about wearing masks during this pandemic, which he compared to a fear of dying.

Recently, he spoke with The Independent about his concert film that was shot in Athens in 2018. In discussing the film, Bill mentions how it's like looking into a time capsule because of how carefree he and everyone else were.

According to the author, there's nothing quite like a pandemic to stop spontaneous interaction, and Bill is quoted as saying, "We just went out with our friend to walk the dog, and you're wearing a mask, everyone's wearing a mask. The dog is the only one who's completely alive!"

He adds, "He's living the dog's life. The rest of us are afraid to die, and afraid to kill, so we're masked up and we're injected, and so forth. It's the most challenging time of this life cycle for us."

Last but not least, BM contrasts how we have handled the pandemic with how previous generations have handled global events: "We didn't have a world war or a depression, the things our ancestors had. This is the hand we got dealt and if you fold, you can't win."

Quite cryptic on the surface, but Twitter seems to understand what Bill means, and they're tearing him apart over it, with many saying his comments are incredibly tone-deaf.

Bill may be misunderstood in this regard, since he has mentioned COVID quite a bit over the past two years, but never once has he come across as resentful of the world's response. If anything, he's been kinda optimistic and impressed.


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