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Bleu & Ne-yo Drops “Walk Through the Fire” Music Video

The video for Bleu's emotional ballad "Walk Through The Fire" featuring Ne-Yo has been released. The cinematic music video was directed by Edgar Esteves, Ne-Yo plays the role of a detective inspecting the site of a fire that occurred at BLEU’s residence, with Ne-Yo recreating what he assumes happened to cause the fire.

On top of the track's brooding piano, BLEU then takes over as narrator in the second verse to tell us what happened after his home was on fire, and how he rescued his lover and brought her to safety.

It was released after the 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star had a run-in with R&B veteran Tank after claiming to be the new "King Of R&B."

“I’m glad I’m from a different generation cause yall wild!” Tank commented on an Instagram post by Shade Room.

“Another episode of a bitter old n-gga!” responded.

“Tank u still waiting on that verse that’s why u mad. U supposed to be a Og! U commenting on shade room acting like a female. Dnt worry I’m not interested in being labeled as no king of r&b I’m about to be a real Super Star soon!

He added, “I don’t say shit to y’all dudes I be in my own world. I already felt you weird energy that’s why Ian record to that wack azz song.”

Check out “Walk Through The Fire” music video below.


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