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Boosie Badazz Responds to Backlash Over Examining Women’s Genitalia With His 18-year-old Son

It's well known that Boosie Badazz posts explicit content to his Instagram account. His X-Rated posts have led him to get kicked off the social media platform numerous times.

Boosie went on Instagram Live with a half-naked woman on Wednesday night (March 16) and had her spread her legs open so he and his son could examine her vagina with a magnifying glass. The video was met with a healthy amount of backlash, with many wondering what was wrong with Boosie's brain.

It didn't take Boosie long to respond to the criticism in an Instagram video. The Baton Rouge native defended himself while posing a question for his critics.

“Talkin’ about me and my son,” he says in the clip. “See what they all do is y’all flip the narrative and always try to make it fucked up, but if a 18-year-old man looking at some pussy is wrong, what is right for him to look at? A 18-year-old man … if this is so wrong, him looking at some cat, what is right for him to look at? Hmm.”

The video is part of Boosie Badazz's "Boosie Gone Bad" Instagram series. The explicit footage currently making the rounds on social media prompted a comment from someone who seriously questioned Boosie's ability to be a good parent - but that comment was not the only one.

“Why are y’all laughing and egging Boosie on?” they asked. “His actions are absolutely NOT funny — never have been and never will be. They’re deplorable, degrading and disgusting. And I really want him off these social platforms and examined for his parenting.”

Someone else wrote, “I’d be more concerned for undue influence on children in the presence of Lil Boosie than the gay agenda,” in reference to Boosie's outspoken views regarding LGBTQ figures such as Lil Nas X and Dwyane Wade's trans child.

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