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Boosie Badazz Threatens to ‘Take Everybody to Court’ Over Yung Blue Contract Despute

There seems to be a lawsuit pending for Boosie Badazz's hands.

Vlad TV recently interviewed Boosie, who revealed that he's taking Yung Bleu to court over a contract dispute. Boosie discovered Yung Bleu, who he signed to his independent record label, Badazz Syndicate.

“I gotta take everybody to court,” he says in the video above. Boosie made sure to clarify that he wasn’t in disagreement with Bleu directly. “Yung Bleu ain’t really in it—it’s just the people who all was behind it. People did some messed up business and it’s coming back, it’s gon’ come back to haunt everybody, bro. I just was fucked over, bro. I got it, I’m straight. … I don’t really blame Bleu.”

Boosie continues to support Bleu, who has seen his star rise in the past couple of years. Boosie said he’s having issues with “a lot of people over him, a lot of labels and—it’s just a big ol’ thing right now but courts gon’ figure that shit out.”

He did not divulge much else, telling Vlad, “They just made some bad decisions. We’ll get past this shit but as a businessman, I gotta do what as a businessman I gotta do. It’s only right. These other labels came in and tried to ex me out. This man signed to me. … I always tried to help Bleu. Bleu was special—Bleu one of the biggest, bro. … Shit just get crazy when you get to making money, man.”

“I don’t want his money. I want him to have all the money. I want they money,” he concluded.

Last February, Bleu gave Boosie $100,000 for his continued support. “100 racks just for supporting me from the jump @boosienewig,” Bleu captioned an Instagram post. “Told u put the ball in my hand I was gone score!” As a signee of Boosie's label, Bleu had the chance to own his masters.

“It’s no more Bleu and Boosie jointed with a major label! It’s just Bleu and Boosie doing what the fuck they wanna do,” Bleu told Vlad in September 2020. “We do what we wanna do. We good.”

Watch The interview with Vlad TV below

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