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Brittney Spears Threatens To Sue Tristar, Alleging Former Manager Tried To Kill Her

It looks like Britney Spears is gearing up for a legal battle with TriStar Entertainment -- a company heavily involved in her conservatorship, which she now claims was an attempt to end her life.

Britney went off on TriStar Wednesday, particularly its head honcho Lou Taylor and her righthand woman Robin Greenhill -- two women who were allegedly integral to Britney's life -- and she is accusing them of way more than just malfeasance.

According to Brit, Greenhill and Taylor set up a meeting, and Kate Beckinsale was also there to flatter Britney.

The same bitches killed me a week later !!!!! My dad worshipped those two women and would have done whatever they asked of him !!!! I think they tried to kill me ... and that's exactly what they did ... but not a damn thing was wrong and I didn't die !!!!"

The singer does not elaborate on how they allegedly attempted to kill her, but she adds: "Nobody else would have had to live through what they did to me !!! I experienced it all and I remember it all !!! I will sue the shite out of Tri Star !!! Psss they got away with it all and I will warn them every day of my precious life !!!"

Jamie Spears, Britney's father, hired TriStar to manage her business affairs early on in the conservatorship, as we told you.

Britney might be referring to when she was admitted to a mental health facility after having a breakdown due to her grief over her dad's illness at the time.

During her stay, doctors worked hard to get her on the right medications to stabilize her -- but she looked completely out of it when she was out with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

We asked Greenhill about claims that she was part of the team that approved the alleged bugging of Britney's room during our interview at LAX last year.

Though she didn't say a word, she remained silent about all things Britney.

Now, it sounds like Britney is at least considering getting some payback in court. We've reached out to Lou Taylor and TriStar, but so far we have not heard back.


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