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Chaney Jones Kim Kardashian Look-a-like, And Kanye West Grab Lunch In Miami

In a new photo, Kanye West is seen with Chaney Jones, who has often been compared to Kim Karashian.

The new duo was spotted in Miami Thursday taking a lunch break. Chaney wore a black bodysuit, sunglasses, black purse, and what appears to be a black pair of Yeezys, similar to what Kim wore on several occasions.

The two have been seen together twice in the last two days. On Tuesday, Chaney accompanied Kanye backstage at the "Donda 2" listening event in Miami. A pair of sunglasses Chaney wore on the show was the same pair Kim wore at a 'Donda' event in Atlanta in 2021.

Chaney has also ditched her hair extensions in favor of a tight bun -- just like Kim's been sporting this week in Milan.

As opposed to Kanye's last fling, Julia Fox, Chaney hasn't said much about their relationship... however, the pair has been seen together in LA and Miami, so it's safe to say the pair is bicoastal.

Just hours after the story broke, Kim filed court papers alleging Kanye's recent social media posts about their family caused her "emotional distress" -- a court date is set for next week, which will likely make her legally single.


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