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Charleston White & Mob James Nearly Come to Blows During Gang Discussion

Mob James was the latest guest on Charleston White's "Game Related, Not Gang Related" podcast. James' discussion with White and co-hosts about gang culture resulted in a heated shouting match between James and White, which nearly ended in a physical altercation.

While the two clashed throughout the episode, the discussion began to escalate 55:15 into the interview when James began to challenge White on his views regarding gang culture. Mob James took issue with Charleston White claiming he did not wish to understand gang culture and would work with law enforcement to get rid of gangs.

Charleston White said his goal was to equip Black people to live a righteous life, but he was not interested in saving or reforming African Americans who are living a life of crime. Mob James argued that there was value in rescuing Blacks from gang culture and believes the American justice system views African Americans the same regardless of their affiliations.

After more back and forth, the two nearly came to blows around the 1:19:00 mark. Once the two were calmed down by the co-hosts, the discussion carried until James called out White's online antics. After 1:30:00, Mob James eventually had enough and walked out of the interview.

Look below to view the full exchange.


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