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Chief Keef Mourns Grandmother's Death: ‘I’m So Happy I Got to Make You Proud’

Chief Keef is honoring his late grandmother Margaret Louise Carter.

Keef took to Instagram on Sunday to share news of her death, penned a heartfelt message alongside a photo of them embracing and video of him gifting her a Range Rover.

“I’m so happy i got to make you proud granny,” Keef wrote. “Never thought this would happen to me. Can’t believe my grammy just dipped on me, ima miss you too much and I’m sorry grandma I really am. I would give all this shit up just to start over because I know what to do now especially with you granny. I ain’t gonna write hella shit cause i rather tell you when ever we talk again. I’m happy me and sis gave you braggin rights! Tell my uncle Keef I said I miss him everyday, wish I could show him I did all the things he was telling me I wasn’t doing!”

Keef said he couldn't believe that she "just bounced like that" and apologized for what he put her through growing up. Keef's post is unclear about Carter's cause of death and her age.

“I hope heaven got Facebook for you,” he wrote. “I thought you would live til atleast 98 granny! Margaret Louise Carter if I woulda knew that Christmas hug was our last hug I woulda held on longer granny. I woulda not let you go no where. Ill always remember you dont like ‘fixing to’ ima be like nike on everything im doing and ima ‘just do it’ (Oh yeah i retired my granny 11 years ago).”


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